Luca Cartegni, Jinhua Wang, Zhengwei Zhu, Michael Q. Zhang and Adrian R. Krainer

With release 2.0, ESEfinder allows to directly display the output graphically

- the analyzed (exonic) sequence is reproduced along the X-axis.
Either the actual nucleotides or the nucleotide number can be displayed

- only the high-score values (the values above the selected threshold) are represented

- the heigth of the bars represents the motif scores

- the width of the bars indicates the length of the motif (6, 7 or 8 nucleotides)

- the different SR protein high-scores are color-coded as illustrated below


Sequence ID: Seq#1 BRCA1 WT


Threshold applied

   display sequence from nt to nt


 X-Axis:           sequence nucleotide position









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